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It’s Not Just About Backup

It’s a sad story, one that’s been told many times: Important data wasn’t backed up. Then a tragic event struck. It was a drive crash on a critical server, or a lost laptop, or a natural disaster that wiped out an entire office. All data was lost, which had dire consequences for the affected business. […]

How to Evolve From Break-Fix to Business-Fix Services

By Justin Crotty, SVP and GM NetEnrich, Inc. If you really think about it, what are conventional managed services? They’re the automation of the break/fix services the channel used to call professional and value-add services.  Rather than sending a truck and technician to a customer site every time a server crashed or a switch required […]

The #1 Threat to Business Continuity? Business Excuses.

In previous blogs, I’ve detailed how businesses can calculate their return on investment (ROI) for a business continuity solution and explained why tape backup products don’t meet today’s business needs. In case you haven’t noticed, I think business continuity and data backup is extremely important for an SMB. Still, some SMBs insist on running their […]

Create Your Cloud Strategy in a Day

As appeared in The VAR Guy on February 16, 2012. If you’ve dismissed the cloud as “just another marketing term” to hype the on-demand solutions that businesses have been using for more than a decade, then you’re missing the point. Dave Nielson of Cloud Camp defines cloud technology as that which is “on-demand, self-service, scalable, […]

Your Backup Solution Should Be an Unsung Hero

Blog by Ed Burke, president of B2BMSP Technology Services and speaker at the upcoming HP/Axcient Cloud Roadshow, coming to five U.S. cities between February 28 and March 15, 2012 If you spend much time with your IT customer, you’ll eventually get a tour of their data center, where they’ll proudly speak to you about the mission-critical hardware […]

Three’s Company: The Value of RMM and PSA Integrations

Efficient delivery of managed services is achieved by taking advantage of technology to minimize manual activities. That’s why so many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) rely on Axcient for their clients’ data protection needs. The Axcient platform is complemented by two very important tools for the MSP: Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), which provides insight and […]

Tornados, Lightning, No Problem

Wisconsin-based MSP and SMB Clients Find Peace of Mind about Facing Downtime Disasters What does a Southern Wisconsin-based Managed Service Provider do when their small and medium-sized business (SMB) clients worry about tornados and lightning strikes and have “zero tolerance for downtime”? In Wisconsin’s Rock County and surrounding areas, customers of The Computer Center are […]

The Beauty & Value of Server-Class Equipment

There was a time, very early in my career, where entire hardware platforms were designed from scratch. We designed processor boards and power supplies, bent sheet metal , did all the environmental testing, and secured agency approvals. These products worked very well and were extremely reliable but the development cycles were long and costly, and […]

Axcient Cloud Continuity Makes Downtime for SMBs a Thing of the Past

I am very excited to introduce the newest extension of the Axcient platform – Cloud Continuity. The Axcient team has been working tirelessly on this project in stealth for over a year and now we’re bringing it to the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market to end downtime for good. Business downtime is a real […]

Sales Compensation for Cloud-Based Service Companies

Your business’ future success depends on the decisions you make at pivotal points in its growth. One of these important decisions is how to compensate your sales team. Getting the compensation right is key for maximizing your sales, attracting high-caliber talent, and motivating your reps. A well-written comp plan rewards exactly the behavior you want […]

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